About Allen Printing & Graphic Design

Creatives Who Elevate Your Vision and Brand

Taking your brand to the next level through our creative print and design services.

A history of high standards and quick production turnaround in the printing industry.


We are Allen Printing & Graphic Design! We are a small group of people who love printing and design! We operate out of an office/warehouse in Signal Hill. In fact, we have been printing in Long Beach for over 30 years!


It's simple, everything we do here is custom. You won't find any templates on our computers, and we don't take shortcuts. If you bring a project to us, you can be sure that it's being taken care of by a group of people who care about their work. Have a question or concern about your project? No problem! Stop by or drop us a line, and we'll be happy to work it out with you. We want to create a product that adds True Value to your Brand and Image.


We have a wide array of new and old printing techniques and design tools at our disposal, and we love a good challenge! See something you like and want to use it for your job? Chances are we can tell you what's involved, and if we can't, you can bet we'll find out!


We're all about our craft, and we would love to make every piece a work of art in it's own way, but how much art can really go into a plain old invoice sheet or NCR form, right? The answer is: more than you might think, but that can often be beside the point. The real point is that along with our attention to detail, we try to keep our prices as competitive as possible, so that you get the best of both worlds: service and value.